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Stewardship Campaign

What is it?
  • The stewardship campaign is an annual invitation to reflect on how much you value belonging to your Church and an appeal to review your financial support and time commitment.

Saying Thankyou

The first thing we want to say is ‘Thank you!’

Thank you for your involvement in and commitment to the life of this parish.

Thank you for all the time, energy and skill you give and thank you for your financial support. Without such generous giving we cannot survive, let alone develop and grow.

We know that many of you find it challenging, rewarding and enjoyable to be part of a loving community of faith. There are so many encouraging signs and there is so much to be thankful for in the life of our church. We thank God for your faith, love and service.

What did it cost to run St Matthew’s in 2009?

  • Parish income: £75,968 p.a. (inc. gift aid scheme, collections, parish fees from weddings & funeral etc., church house hire, donations and fundraising).
  • Parish expenditure: £86,075 p.a. (inc. housekeeping, insurance & utility bills, parish share, working costs: admin, worship, fundraising and church house costs).
  • Parish deficit for 2009 was: £10,075.
  • As you can see we did not manage to balance the books last year, even with the income from fundraising, which cannot be relied upon in future years. In 2010 the shortfall will certainly be more serious. We have, over recent years, reduced expenditure where possible but it is very clear that we must increase the amount we receive from regular planned giving and then, with God’s grace, we can continue our mission from a secure base.

How to Respond

  • You are invited to renew or begin your financial commitment to the parish of St Matthew, Little Lever by completing the response forms provided in the packs available from Church. The forms include in the packs provide us with information on whether you are intending to increase or maintain your current giving and help us to plan for the year ahead.
    Please complete the forms, sealing them in the envelopes provided. Take the envelopes, together with your special piece of jigsaw, to church between now and 21st March 2010. All financial information is totally confidential and will only be seen by the Gift Aid Co-ordinator.
  • If you need any help with the forms or need further information please contact either Kath Winterbotham (tel: 574376) or Eileen Costello (tel:  795992).
  • Once complete, please post your response forms through the slot on the special display board in church, and place your piece of jigsaw on the corresponding number on the board. The jigsaw piece is a sign of your belonging to St. Matthew, Little Lever, so:


  • All responses will be confidential.
  • Do please try to return them no later than Sunday 14th March 2010.
  • A special Service of Thanksgiving will be held in church on Sunday 21st March 2010. 

What to do - If You Don't Have a Pack

  • If you haven’t received a pack and would like one, please contact either Mark, Lynn, Fr.Anthony or Fr.John. Further contact detail, e.g. telephone numbers, email addresses, etc. are available on the Contact Us page.

Visit the Members Page look under the "Publications" folder then click view or download next to the PDF icon to see a copy of the latest Stewardship Campaign booklet.